End Point Assessment Plan

The end point assessment plan outlines everything needed by End Point Assessment Organisations to be able to run end point assessments that determine whether or not an apprentice has passed their apprenticeship.  Some trailblazer groups work on their assessment plans and standards simultaneously rather than waiting for the standard to be approved first. An End Point Assessment plan must include:

Tips on assessment plan writing:

  • Focus the plan on end point assessment.
  • Avoid including details about on-programme training or assessment.
  • Check that everything you outline in the plan will lead to the same result irrespective of the end point assessment organisation or assessor.
  • Engage with End Point Assessment Organisations and external quality assurance bodies to check that the content is achievable and equitable.
  • When selecting the assessment methods you are going to use, consider how much end point assessment may cost, the time it may take, the resources required and how accessible it will be.
  • Healthcare occupations are encouraged to use observation as one of their chosen assessment methods. This can be a live observation in the workplace or a simulated observation for example via an OSCE (objective structured clinical exam). If the occupation is patient facing and you decide not to include observation as one of the methods you may have to provide an additional letter outlining your rationale for this decision.


Assessment plans are submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships by the chair of the Trailblazer group (or by Skills for Health on their behalf).  Submissions must be accompanied by:

  • A letter of support from your chosen external quality assurance provider
  • If applicable, any additional costing information
  • If applicable, any grading exception request

Assessment plans are submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships who usually take about six weeks to respond.


Once an end point assessment plan is approved and the final funding band is agreed the Trailblazer group activity comes to an end.  The standard is then ready for use. Find out more about implementation on the toolkit page.