Supporting your financial planning when implementing apprenticeships

This tool lets you work out the potential cost to your organisation of delivering apprenticeships. Choose the apprenticeship standards you wish to use, the number of apprentices, the duration over which they will be delivered, add in salary costs and calculate. Only standards that are approved for delivery and have been assigned a funding band will show on this tool.


Add your first standard to get started. You need to populate all the boxes to get the best results.

You can add as many apprenticeship standards and apprentices to the calculator as required. The salary field can be adjusted and may be different for each type of apprenticeship standard that you add.

Once you click calculate a summary of the total costs will appear showing you a breakdown of the annual salary costs and levy spend.

Please note: the calculator will not store your information, but you can print or download it as a PDF.


Disclaimer: This tool is for apprenticeship implementation financial scenario planning only. It may not represent actual costs. You should always check any plans with your organisation’s finance department. There may be other costs that you need to consider outside of this tool such as: on-costs, national pension contribution, uniform etc.