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Upcoming T-Level Webinars

16 April, 2024

The Department for Education (DfE) and Strategic Development Network (SDN) are delivering two webinars on: Thursday, 25th April 2024 at 9:30am Wednesday 15th…

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Long Term Workforce Plan – creating a pipeline

10 April, 2024

Creating strong feeder pipelines into apprenticeships is a key element of the Long-Term Workforce Plan. By running pre-apprenticeships and pre-employment programmes, systems can prepare individuals to enter and succeed…

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What is off-the-job training?

28 March, 2024

The ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) define off the job training as follows. Off-the-job training is a statutory requirement for…

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It’s National Careers Week

4 March, 2024

It’s National Careers Week from 4th to 9th March. National Careers Week (NCW) is a one-week celebration of careers guidance and free resources in…

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Short Guide: Taking on an Apprentice

22 February, 2024

The NHS Long Term Plan was published recently. It aims to increase the use of apprenticeships aiming to provide 22% of all training for clinical staff through apprenticeship routes…

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