Facilities and Estates

Facilities and Estates description - "Facilities and Estates staff look after NHS buildings and the grounds around them so they are a safe and pleasant environment for our staff and patients. They also make sure that goods and patients are where they need to be so care is received at the right time and the right place.” This can also be found here: https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/explore-roles/estates-and-facilities/estates-and-facilities

The team is responsible for the safe, secure and comfortable day-to-day working environment, ensuring that properties, assets and services are fully compliant with health and safety and other legislation. They will ensure that levels of performance delivered exceed customer expectations within budget for the properties, assets and services.

The Institute of Workforce and Facilities Management (IWFM) is the body for workforce and facilities professionals.

There are a wide range of apprenticeships available in Facilities and Estates. You can use the Estates and Facilities Toolkit to view the apprenticeships available.

The Apprenticeship Standards printables also give an overview of the apprenticeships available in this area. Click on any of the links below to see what standards are available.

The links to the individual apprenticeship standards in these documents will allow you to see more about each apprenticeship including the stage of development, funding band and duration. You can also download the standard and end point assessment documents as well as checking the training providers and end point assessment organisations that may be available.

Pathways Tool

You can access our Pathways Tool here. 

This tool allows you to see more about how apprentices may progress from one occupation to another.

Real Life Stories: 

Click on the below videos, learn more about each individual’s career:

Spencer Pelucci is a Maintenance Worker at Scarborough Hospital and is just about to complete a 4 year apprenticeship.

Roxanne Cushworth is a Maintenance Worker at Scarborough Hospital and is undertaking an apprenticeship.

Click on the below stories to learn more about job roles in Estates and Facilities

  • Amy Davidson, talks about her role as a Domestic Cleaner and about moving into a Medical Administration role.
  • Dean Webster talks about his role as a Print Services Manager
  • Elaine Dixon , Acting Domestic Services Manager, tells us more about her role.
  • Jason Wilsher is a Medical Engineering Manager, he tells us about his career.
  • Penny Gillyard, Director of Resources, tells us about her day and also speaks about the variety of roles available in Estates and Facilities
  • Sarah Goldsmith is an Estates Officer and tells us about her role.
Case Studies