Apprenticeship Planning Tools

10 February, 2022

The HASO costing calculator lets you quickly calculate the estimated cost to the organisation of having an apprentice. The tool is an easy to use ready reckoner that quickly and effectively allows you to work through the key financial implications. It is useful for all staff involved in planning and supporting apprenticeship implementation across health organisations in the statutory, independent or private sector. The costing calculator gives you an estimate of both the total salary costs and levy spend.

There is also a RNDA cost comparison tool available to use on the Health Education England website. Following the success of the RNDA cost comparison tool a number of colleagues from other professional groups asked if something similar could be developed to help them assess the costs of using apprenticeships to develop their workforce. As such, HEE has created an additional tool to help users plan for future apprenticeship cohorts and understand the costs of doing so. The tools shows the overall salary costs (including on costs) and the cost of the off-the-job or supernumerary time. It is hoped that this will allow employers to use the tool for both new hires and existing staff.

Providing a more detailed view of the pay costs, the tool gives you the option to calculate your costs based on either the number of full time apprentices you would like to train or the budget you have available. You will be able to compare the costs depending on a number of variables including:

  • Pay band: you can select a variety of pre-loaded pay options, all including on-costs.
  • Supernumerary time: you can adjust the percentage of the apprentice’s time spent in off the job training/ supernumerary practice, dependent on which programme you are looking at.
  • Duration of apprenticeship: you can adjust the length of the apprenticeship dependent on the programme.

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