Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance Staff ensure that budgets are spent wisely and for the benefit of the organisation and its patients. Individuals working in this area could be working in the payroll department, making sure all their colleagues get paid, handling payments for goods and services in an accounts department or purchasing goods and services in the procurement department.

There are a variety of apprenticeships available in this area ranging from Level 2 up to to Level 7. The Accounting and Finance Apprenticeship Standards printable shows a brief overview of the apprenticeship in this area.

The following apprenticeship standards are approved for delivery in this area

Follow the links to see more about each apprenticeship including the stage of development, funding band and duration. You can also download the standard and end point assessment documents as well as checking the training providers and end point assessment organisations that may be available.

Check out our Business Administration & SupportEducation & Learning page , Leadership & Management page and our People Professions (HR & OD) page for wider apprenticeships and guidance.

Pathways Tool

You can access our Pathways Tool here. 

This tool allows you to see more about how apprentices may progress from one occupation to another.

You can also access Apprenticeship Costing Calculator / Planning Tools.