Business and Administration Support

Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors.

Administrators in the Healthcare sector provide business support to both clinical and non-clinical staff. Organisations in the healthcare sector need to be well-organised and keep detailed records of patients and staff. Patients and other organisations need to be able to contact Healthcare Providers, to see or speak to the right person who can give them the help they need. That could be booking an appointment, getting advice or paying an invoice.

There are plenty of opportunities to take further qualifications and move on in your career. The Business & Administration Support Apprenticeship Standards printable shows a brief overview of the apprenticeship standards in this area.

The following apprenticeship standards are approved for delivery in this area:

Follow the links to see more about each apprenticeship including the stage of development, funding band and duration. You can also download the standard and end point assessment documents as well as checking the training providers and end point assessment organisations that may be available.

Check out our Education & Learning page , Leadership & Management page and our People Professions (HR & OD) page for wider apprenticeships and guidance.

Pathways Tool

You can access our Pathways Tool here. 

This tool allows you to see more about how apprentices may progress from one occupation to another.

You can also access Apprenticeship Costing Calculator / Planning Tools