Apprenticeship Service – some recent changes

6 September, 2023

There have been some changes made to the Apprenticeship Service recently.

When Levy Employers create a pledge to transfer apprenticeship funding, auto approval will now review any applications received.

If there is an application that meets 100% of the Levy Employer’s criteria, then auto approval will approve that application for funding immediately. Matches are approved in date order, with the earliest application being approved first.

These changes will only affect new pledges set up from 23 August 2023.

If a Levy Employer doesn’t want an application to be immediately auto approved, they will have the option to delay auto approval for 6 weeks.

If auto approval doesn’t find a 100% match, the application will not be auto approved. Levy employers will need to manually review the applications and approve or decline them in a timely manner.

You can access further Auto Approval Guidance here.

Also, in their Apprenticeship Service account Levy Employers can now:

  • view their estimated apprenticeship costs for a pledge application
  • view their transfer allowance for this financial year
  • view their estimated remaining transfer balance