Apprenticeship Standard documents on HASO – accessibility 

23 November, 2023

HASO is the best place to navigate apprenticeships and technical education in the health sector. 

We are constantly trying to improve this site to ensure that it remains a useful resource for employers and front-line managers.  

With this in mind we have started to launch an alternative way of accessing standard and assessment plan documents. In addition to accessing standard and assessment plan documents as a PDF you will now be able to access a web page version.  

You will still be able to access each standard and assessment plan as a PDF document as before, this is an additional option to ensure everyone can access this information.  

The following apprenticeship standards now have a web page version of these documents available:  


You can access the webpages under the Links section of the apprenticeship standard pop-up.  

We will be launching more of these in the coming months.  

For our short FAQ Videos, we have also added a voiceover version of the text in the video, to ensure everyone can access this information. You can access these videos here.