Delivering High Quality Apprenticeships

2 July, 2024

HASO has a range of resources to help you ensure that your organisation is delivering high quality apprenticeships.

High quality apprenticeships add value to patient care by enabling you to ‘grow your own’ team, reaping the rewards of retaining a well-trained and committed workforce and providing you with a wider and deeper talent pool capable of progressing to secure more hard-to-fill vacancies across a range of occupations and job roles.

They are an excellent basis for career progression, providing flexible options for learning and working to build a competent and productive workforce.

Visit our resources section to discover our Apprenticeship Standards factsheet series which show the variety of apprenticeships available in a range of areas such as Nursing, Allied Health Professions and Healthcare Science.

The value of apprenticeships will need to be clearly articulated and embedded at the highest levels of your organisation and systematically threaded through strategies and plans to fully embed Apprenticeships in your organisation’s approach to developing the workforce.

Our principles for developing an apprenticeship strategy provides the key points on which to build a successful apprenticeship strategy; that with system-level oversight and planning will enable organisations to grow and recruit their own staff to meet their workforce needs.

The NHS Employer’s site has useful guidance about having conversations with your board about apprenticeships.

Access our “Delivering High Quality Apprenticeships: Guiding Principles for the NHS in England” document. This presents a set of guiding principles that, when reflected in practice, will support you to deliver high-quality apprenticeships in the NHS.

The apprentice’s experience and outcome are further enhanced when you provide mentoring and support alongside the development of competence. Mentoring and supporting apprentices is also a great development opportunity for existing employees.

Visit to learn more about mentoring.

Visit our Long Term Workforce Plan Hub to discover more resources to help you effectively implement apprenticeships at your organisation.