Functional Skills Learning in Primary Care – Support funded by HEE

17 June, 2020

HEE are very pleased that their offer of funded functional skills learning has been so well received. Since April, over 55 employers have already enrolled learners on the programme, totalling over 4,000 learners! HEE are now pleased to announce further support to facilitate the use of this tool by learners in primary care – see here.

This will help to support maths, English and ICT skills development at a time when many employees may be struggling with all kinds of challenges – from calculating pay and budgets, understanding large volumes of text and information and spending more time on screen than usual. You can undertake the learning from home via a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Assessment can be used to:

  • support 1-1 and work-based learning for employees/apprentices
  • produce an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and SMART target to fill skill gaps
  • inform enrolment to the appropriate English, maths and Functional Skills level
  • perform basic self-assessment for dyslexia and dyscalculia
  • evidence Information and Guidance (IAG)

Independent learning is encouraged, mirroring the independence of an apprenticeship, thus allowing individuals to work at their own pace through the Learning Resources,  Progress Checks  and Exam Practice to upskill and check knowledge.

Who is this for?

All NHS trusts, community, primary and social care employers.

How do I use it?

This tool can be used in several ways.

  • It can help prepare employees who would like to take a functional skills qualification e.g. for an apprenticeship. This platform will not provide the examination or qualification itself, but the examination can be taken at a local college or FE provider.
  • It can also help with generalised upskilling and gaining confidence around learning.
  • Individuals can study on their own and at their own pace, which for some is a great advantage and is more private than other forms of learning.
  • It can also be used by employers to do a skills analysis of a group to inform workforce planning.

How do I access it?

In order to gain access to this tool HEE asks that you satisfy the below criteria:

  1. Identify the learners who will use this product. 

HEE doesn’t need to know names, but please identify an initial number of learners. You may over-estimate if unsure.

  1. If working in secondary care, identify the member of staff who will be the point of contact for bksb. This person will receive training to be the bksb expert/super user for the organisation. The training is quick and straightforward, as is the subsequent process of setting up learners for the organisation.
  1. Ask your nominated staff member to email: to start the process and enrol learners. If working in Primary care, simply email (They will connect you to the super user for your sector)