IFA policy changes for healthcare occupations

7 June, 2018

The Institute for Apprenticeships have agreed with the Department for Education that they will permit the following:

  • One standard, two qualification levels:
    For Nursing and Allied Health Professionals occupations at Level 6, Level 7 qualifications will be accepted in lieu of the Level 6 degree where the apprentice already holds a Level 6 degree and the Level 7 qualification is approved by the regulatory body concerned.

    In these cases, an appropriate reduction in duration and funding to be drawn down from the levy must be applied. If other occupations wish to apply this flex to policy this will be considered on a case by case basis. No assumption of agreement is made.

  • Integrated assessment for all regulated professions:
    Standard at all levels that include a regulated qualification that meets the education requirements of a statutory regulator can now select an integrated End Point Assessment (previously allowed at degree level only).