IfATE Simpler Skills Report

14 June, 2023

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) has launched it’s Simpler Skills Report.

IfATE ran “The Big Conversation” from October 2022 to January 2023, this involved over 2000 stakeholders at events, workshops, site visits and conversations throughout this period. The findings from this engagement is one of the pieces of evidence that IfATE used to create the simpler skills report.

Access The Big Conversation Analysis and the IES – Big Conversation Research Report here.

The Simpler Skills report sets out IfATE’s plan to simplify the skills system.

In this report IfATE sets that their plans for a skills system that:

  • delivers what employers need now and for the future. IfATE wants to unite employers’ insights and learner needs, striking the ideal balance of improvement and stability in the system
  • is clear and user-friendly. IfATE wants to promote informed choices about the opportunities and support available to access training for skilled roles at all levels
  • is joined up. Working together, IfATE wants to build on the government’s reforms to strengthen and simplify the skills system

Access the A Simpler Skills System report.

You can also access the IFF Research – Employer Perceptions of Quality report.

Access IfATE’s Occupational Maps, which were given their official launch yesterday. These Occupational Maps let you check out options to train for a job then progress to senior skills levels.