National Numeracy Champions programme

13 June, 2024

Many people feel anxious about maths and hold such negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings around the subject that this often holds them back from engaging with learning.

At National Numeracy they understand that having good numeracy skills is key to getting on in both work and life. It can help people to:

  • get a new job or progress in their careers.
  • support their children to feel more confident with numbers.
  • feel more confident in managing their money.

That is why they need Numeracy Champions – to help support adults at work, at home or in the community to build confidence with numbers. Champions do not teach maths but act as mentors who can support others. They help adults to develop positive attitudes towards numeracy, overcome their barriers and start their learning journey– they offer support and encouragement to others.

Dates have just been released for National Numeracy’s highly successful champions training programme. Register for the webinar here. To be a champion you don’t need to be expert in maths by any means. The role is much more about empowering and encouraging others who are anxious about maths to feel more confident to access support.