National Numeracy Virtual Festival 13th May

12 May, 2020

For National Numeracy Day 2020, we are encouraging everyone in the health and care sector to become a Numeracy Champion.

By signing up to the virtual festival you get access to hundreds of high-quality resources like this on the following 3 themes:

  1. Improving career skills
  2. Weathering the storm financially
  3. Helping children to learn

To get involved, please go to: and follow National Numeracy on social media.

Download here the lead support announcement with key sessions taking place on 13th May:

12:30 PM – webinar type session – ‘Talk on how to help children develop positive attitudes towards’ numbers

2 PM – webinar type session – ‘Talk on developing confidence with numbers’

And download here an interactive guide for adults supporting children on boosting number confidence.