Prisoner apprenticeships programme

22 September, 2022

For the first time ever, serving prisoners in open prisons are to be offered apprenticeships to give them the skills and training they need to improve their employability prospects on release. The Government intends to bring forward regulations later in the year that will change the law to allow prisoners to access apprenticeship opportunities while they are still serving time but are out on day release or nearing the end of their sentence period.

Benefits for employers

  • Expanding and upskilling your workforce – Not only do apprentices bring new ideas and perspectives to your business, but they also increase your skill base, thanks to the formal qualification that they will be taking alongside their work
  • Diversifying your team – With new staff comes a new enthusiasm for the role, as well as new ways of thinking. Fresh minds are perfect for generating new ideas and seeing things from a different perspective
  • Increasing productivity – If apprentices are being supported to develop professionally and given the chance to learn new skills and build towards a successful career, they are more likely to give the job their all. This means a boost in motivation, an increase in productivity and an improvement in performance

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