Specialist Community Public Health Nurse – Update

21 August, 2018

Development work is currently taking place to produce an apprenticeship for Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (SCPHN) at Level 7. The apprenticeship will cover Health Visitors, School Nurses and Occupational Health Nurses. The Trailblazer Group responsible for this development includes a range of employers from across England as well as other stakeholders.

The Trailblazer Group met on 7th August 2018 in London and agreed the consultation version of the apprenticeship standard. The standard takes a core and options approach to the duties within the role and will be available for consultation during September and October 2018. During this time further work will be done to develop the End Point Assessment arrangements for the apprenticeship.

The Trailblazer Group would value expert input to the consultation. If you would like to take part and/or require further information regarding this development please contact us here.