Specialist Practitioner Trailblazer – Call for employers

17 January, 2020

An apprenticeship trailblazer group is being established to develop an apprenticeship for Specialist Practitioner at level 6.  The definition of specialist practitioner in this case will be multi-professional. The proposal has already been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education which means that the group can now develop the standard and end point assessment plan.

It is important that trailblazer groups have representation from employers across England. Trailblazer groups should include both large and small healthcare organisations and since specialist practitioner is multi-professional we are looking for a spread of professional representation. You can view the approved proposal here.

If you are an employer representative who would be interested in being part of the development of this apprenticeship, please register your details here by Wednesday 5th February 2020.