Strategic Overview of Apprenticeships Workshops – Overview

24 May, 2018

Health Education England (HEE) commissioned Skills for Health (SfH) to run a series of events to investigate what employers require to support the implementation of Apprenticeship Standards in the health sector in England. Five one-day events took place in Manchester, Durham, Taunton, Cambridge and London. The events were very well attended, with 74 different employer and stakeholder organisations present. Everyone present was enthusiastic about the information and resources already available on HASO and keen to see additional ones added over time.

Suggestions included:

    1. PDF/downloadable documents, such as standardised job descriptions, apprenticeship agreements, templates for recording off-the-job hours, briefings for CEOs, infographics, case studies, best practice examples of resources, fliers, sample tests or practice interview questions to use in preparation for end-point assessment
    2. National activities or campaigns such as shared advertising of apprenticeships and setting up mentoring programmes
    3. Signposting such as clarifying what other resources are available, where to find them and when to use them
    4. Facilitation such as procurement, helping to negotiate with providers, creating economies of scale, networking events
    5. Tools such as apprenticeship pathways, costing, practice placement, off-the-job, modelling, workforce planning, finance, and managing apprentice data
    6. Guidance such as quality and monitoring of apprenticeships and apprentices, how to carry out a skills scan, how to deliver apprenticeships and manage assessment, how to manage mentoring and in-work support for the overall well-being of apprentices, how to manage apprenticeships as a non-levy payer or as a small employer

A new toolkit page is being developed where we can start to collect these resources. This will largely be an ‘open source’ area of the website and we are actively looking for contributions from you. All resources must be free at the point of use and we cannot accept paid-for resources. Everything will be quality checked before uploading and the originator organisation details will be published (unless you request that we anonymise the resource). If you have anything that you would like to add that fits with the suggestions above then please contact us.  Thank you.

A full report of the suggestions has been submitted to Health Education England for their consideration.

Below are some pictures from the events