Submissions to the Institute for Apprenticeships – November 2018

13 November, 2018

Every 6 weeks Trailblazer groups make submissions of Proposals, Standards and Assessment plans to the Institute of Apprenticeships. The Institute of Apprenticeships then puts them out to consultation here. These public consultations will stay open until 20th November.

This month the following are being considered (ones that may be of interest to the health sector are highlighted):


  • Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer
  • Clinical Academic Professional
  • Clinical Associate Psychologist (Degree)
  • Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems Electro Mechanic
  • Equine Athlete
  • Harbour Master
  • Historic Environment Advisor
  • Media Production Co-ordinator
  • Thatcher


  • Advanced Beauty Therapist
  • Advanced Forensic Practitioner
  • Advanced Furniture CNC Technician
  • Advanced Upholsterer
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer
  • Aerospace Software Development Engineer
  • Aircraft Certifying Engineer
  • Assistant Buyer and Merchandiser
  • Bespoke Furniture Maker
  • Counter Fraud Investigator
  • Curtain Wall Installer
  • Dietitian (Degree)
  • Environmental Practitioner
  • Fitted Furniture Design Technician
  • Light Water Reactor Scientist and Engineer (Masters degree)
  • Lightning Protection Operative
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Marine Technical Superintendent
  • Materials Process Engineer
  • Military Engineering Construction Technician
  • New Furniture Product Developer
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Plasterer
  • Puppet Maker
  • Through Life Engineering Services Specialist
  • Tool process design engineer


  • Acoustics Technician
  • Arts Therapist (Degree)
  • Assistant Historic Environment Advisor
  • Career Development Professional
  • Clinical Coder
  • Dental Technician
  • Employability Practitioner
  • First Officer Pilot
  • Footwear Manufacturer
  • Hearing Aid Dispenser
  • Leisure Team Member
  • Lift Escalator Electromechanic
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Marine Technical Superintendent
  • Materials Process Engineer
  • Oral Health Practitioner
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Probation Officer
  • Probation Services Practitioner
  • Public Sector Compliance Officer
  • Registered Nurse
  • Research Scientist
  • Serious and Complex Crime Investigator
  • Specialist Rescue Operative
  • Systems Engineer Degree Apprenticeship
  • Tramway Construction Operative
  • Water Environment Worker

January submissions
The deadline for January submissions is Wednesday 9th at midnight.