World Wellbeing Week

26 June, 2024

World Wellbeing Week is 26th to 30th June. This is a week to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing.

Here are some fantastic resources to help ensure the wellbeing of your apprentices.

IfATE’s Welfare and wellbeing in the apprenticeship section has some great tips on ways to improve an apprentice’s welfare and wellbeing as well as guidance for employers and providers.

The Supporting your Apprentice section on has lots of information including guidance on induction, mentoring, wellbeing as well as ways to celebrate your apprentice!

NHS Employer’s Recruit and retain young people toolkit also has some excellent guidance including health and wellbeing, buddying, top tips, good practice in action and more.

There are also a range of resources on HASO to help you ensure that apprentices have everything they need:

HASO’s Disability at Work section will help you ensure that your apprenticeship offer is accessible and provides guidance on how to support disabled staff in the workplace.

The Care Experienced Apprenticeship Recruitment section will help employers identify best practice when recruiting and supporting care experienced young people through an apprenticeship.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Association of Apprentices. Membership for the Association of Apprentices (AOA) is funded by NHS England for all NHS apprentices. The Association of Apprentices (AoA) is a UK-wide not-for-profit social enterprise that supports every apprentice to have a high-quality experience, fulfil their potential and progress to successful completion. They work with employers and providers to offer enhanced experiences for their apprentices through our community, with peer-to-peer networking, learning and support.