Breaks in Apprenticeship Training

13 January, 2022

We understand that many organisations around the country are under huge pressure at the moment and as such, education programmes are coming under pressure too. This article is designed to give you guidance if you are unsure what to do with your apprentices at the present time.

Apprentices have a right to a minimum of 20% off the job training time. Your organisation has agreed to this as part of their apprenticeship contract. This cannot be cancelled in the same way as other training.

If the apprentice remains on programme, they have to be given 20% (minimum) off the job training time. They cannot complete their apprenticeship without having completed the 20% off the job training element, and must be able to evidence that they have done so. It is the training provider’s responsibility to ensure that this is completed correctly, but both employer and apprentice have a duty to ensure that this happens.

If an apprentice needs to take a break (due to operational pressures, sick leave etc.), this should be discussed between the apprentice, the employer and the training provider. A break of up to 4 weeks results in no delay or formal pause in the apprenticeship, but they then may need time to catch up on any missed off the job training or planned study time in order to remain on track to complete on time. During this time (less than 4 weeks break), they remain an apprentice, so can undertake any apprenticeship work they feel able to. Any break should always be discussed with the training provider so that they can provide support.

If they need to be paused for any amount of time longer than 4 weeks, this must be agreed by the apprentice, the employer and the training provider. This is recorded as a formal ‘Break in Learning’. During a ‘Break in Learning’, the apprentice is not on their apprenticeship and should therefore not be doing any apprenticeship work, as this cannot be recorded. Funds will not be paid from the employer to the training provider during this time. Upon the resumption of their apprenticeship, a meeting should be held with the apprentice, training provider and employer to agree a plan of action for resuming the apprenticeship and how to catch up on any missed work.

Apprentices must always be given the opportunity to complete their apprenticeship work during working hours.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Relationship Manager here.