Standard of the Week – Level 3 Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician

3 July, 2024

The Level 3 Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician apprenticeship standard has been approved for delivery since 7th November 2018.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to design and manufacture custom-made devices to meet the specification / prescription determined by the Prosthetist/ Orthotist. In prosthetics this is an artificial limb (prostheses), in orthotics it can be a range of devices from diabetic footwear to spinal bracing (orthoses).

Prosthetic and Orthotic Technicians use the specification/ prescription provided to make devices that aid movement, correct deformity and relieve discomfort for adults and children. These devices are designed to replace, support or improve the functioning of a limb or the spine. They will have an understating of the clinical conditions that they may provide devices for, which can include scoliosis, polio, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, musculoskeletal injury and cerebral palsy.

There are currently 2 registered training providers for this standard.

From 1st August 2023, the Department for Education has merged RoATP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) and RoEPAO (Register of End Point Assessment Organisations) and is now called APAR (Apprenticeship Provider and Assessment Register).

You access information about applying to the APAR as an apprenticeship training provider.

You can access the Level 3 Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician apprenticeship standard here.