Making the Skills for Life case

The support of senior management and/or your executive board is key to the success of this work. Download the document below for ways to make your case:

Making the case for Skills for Life support to senior management. 
(1)	Outline your proposal in simple terms. There are different ways that employers can support functional skills (case studies: plan yours and check that those who don’t work in learning can understand it easily.
(2)	Cost it up – Demonstrate why you think remedial work for functional skills is a key pillar of workforce planning and will deliver sustainable, long-term solutions. This may involve working with colleagues from other departments, which may in turn have positive effects by creating a supportive network of allies.
(3)	Read how other employers have done in the case studies section and join the Talent for Care Skills for Life network by emailing for support and ideas from colleagues across the country.
(4)	Read the recent research and pick out key elements to support your case.
(5)	Research the backgrounds of your senior management team e.g. on LinkedIn. By finding out more about them, you may find a way to strike common ground.
(6)	Continue if you get knocked back. You may not win the argument on your first attempt, but don’t give up. Senior management may need time to absorb your ideas and proposals. Many employers who have had success with this agenda won it over a long period rather than overnight.