Apprenticeship Standard for Physician Associate – Survey results

9 November, 2017

The results of the Physician Associates Apprenticeship Standard survey are now in:

We had 263 responses from individuals working in a wide range of organisations and with a good geographical spread across England.

Almost half (49%) of the respondents said that they work in organisations that currently have Physician Associates.

Many of the respondents (67%) also had direct experience of working with Physician Associates.
A large number of the respondents (77%) had not been involved in the Physician Associates trailblazer previously.

Overall there was good support for the draft standard with an average of 73% in agreement with the content. There was also significant and very useful qualitative feedback that the trailblazer group will need to consider. The trailblazer group is now busy analysing the data so that the standard can be updated prior to submission.

Thank you for taking part and sharing the consultation link.