Association of Apprentices

4 February, 2021

The Association of Apprentices (AoA) is a UK-wide membership organisation that supports apprentices by creating a community that helps them maximise their potential. It was founded in 2019 and with the help of partners organisations such as HEE (NHS), BBC, Babington and NCFE they launched in 2020.
The Association is open to all apprentices across the UK and provides support, information and guidance beyond what may be received from employers and/or training providers.

As well as being FOR apprentices, they wanted the Association to be BY apprentices. The Association wanted its work to be guided by apprentices themselves to ensure that it really does meet apprentices’ needs. To help achieve this they recruited an Apprentice Council that has direct strategic input into the Association’s development and Courtney Short from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust was successful in her application to become a Council Member.

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