Biomedical Scientist (Integrated Degree) apprenticeship standard – Advice and Guidance

29 June, 2023

The Level 6 Biomedical Scientist (Integrated Degree) apprenticeship standard and end-point assessment plan have been published, please see below points for employers and providers.

Please note that the funding band is not yet approved but once this happens the standard will become ‘approved for delivery’.

For new starts in September 2023:

Employers should recruit apprentices for the new Biomedical scientist (BMS) standard using the existing Healthcare Science Practitioner standard.

This has been approved for this case only due to its exceptional circumstances and due to the time restrictions for enrolment for September starts. As usually the recruitment should be for the correct apprenticeship, employers will need to be careful that the information that is included within the advert is correct for the job to ensure that unsuitable apprentices are not recruited. Employers will need to ensure that it is clear within the advert which apprenticeship and job the advert is for.

HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) will then register apprentices using the ILR (Individualised Learner Record) once the new Biomedical scientist standard is approved for delivery to record the apprenticeship starts against the correct standard. This would mean that for these apprentices, a change of apprenticeship would not need to be recorded in the ILR.

For existing apprentices:

Existing apprentices who are currently undertaking the Healthcare Science practitioner (HCSP-LS) standard and are changing to the Biomedical scientist (BMS) standard when this is available, this would be a new apprenticeship start.

Therefore, the employer and provider would need to agree a new price for training and assessment for the new apprenticeship, taking into account relevant learning from the first apprenticeship. As this would be a new start, once recognition of prior learning (RPL) has been taken into account, the apprenticeship must meet the minimum duration requirements for apprenticeships outlined within the Apprenticeship Funding Rules to be eligible for funding: Microsoft Word – 2223 Employer Rules_Version 2_Final-Updated030423 (

Please see P235-239 of the Apprenticeship technical funding guide for guidance where an apprentice changes apprenticeship programme: Apprenticeship technical funding guide (

Please also view E288 of the Apprenticeship Funding Rules for Employers 2022-2023: Microsoft Word – 2223 Employer Rules_Version 2_Final-Updated030423 (

In addition to this, there is guidance within the Provider Support Manual for training providers when recording changes to the apprenticeship: Provider Support Manual: 2023 to 2024 – How to record changes to the apprenticeship (

Dr Sue Jones, IBMS communicated the following: 

The IBMS position for the updated HCPC Standards of Proficiency (SoPs) is that the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio and guidance documents will be released soon that contain all the new HCPC SoPs and all apprentices / trainees and placement students who commence their IBMS Registration Training Portfolio will be completing the updated version (containing the new HCPC SoPs) from 1st September 2023 onwards, as this is when the new standards of proficiency come into place.

Any apprentices / trainees and placement students who have already commenced the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio before 1st September will complete the current version of the current HCPC SoPs, up to and including the 31st August 2023. University programmes who have direct HCPC approval and map their module descriptor learning outcomes to the HCPC SoPs will be asked to complete updated mapping to the HCPC SoPs 2022 for modules commencing from 2023/24 onwards as part of re-accreditation events.

If you have any specific questions please check the HCPC and IBMS websites in the first instance.