Breaks in Learning

31 August, 2022

Are you confused about the rules around Breaks in Learning? Keep reading to find out more!

An apprentice may take a break in learning where they plan to return to the same apprenticeship programme. The decision to take a break in learning, the reason for the break and its expected duration must be agreed with the employer. This could include medical treatment, parental leave or leave for other personal reasons. Breaks in learning must be recorded on the ILR and the delivery of any remaining training and/or assessment following a break, if required will need to be re-planned. The employer should revise the apprenticeship agreement if required.

Where there is a break in employment of more than 30 days and up to 12 weeks, the main provider does not have to withdraw the apprentice immediately. After 30 days, the provider can record the apprentice as on a break in learning. Where the apprentice does not re-start with a new employer after 12 weeks, the main provider must withdraw the apprentice from the programme. On 6th October 2022, Version 2 of the 2022 – 2023 Funding Rules was published. It was clarified that this rule will apply irrespective of the apprentice’s start date and will include existing learners who started their apprenticeship programme in previous funding years.

This is a change from previous Apprenticeship Funding Rules. Previously, where an apprentice changed employer resulting in a gap in employment of more than 30 days, the provider was required to withdraw the apprentice from the programme.

A break in learning should not be recorded:

  • For annual leave, public holidays and short-term absence (up to 4 weeks);
  • When employment or an apprenticeship agreement has ended (redundancy, resignation, dismissal or any other action by the apprentice or the employer that results in the apprenticeship agreement ending). Where an apprentice has been made redundant you must refer to the redundancy section in the rules.

Click on the below image to access a Break in Learning flow chart.

You can access the 2022/23 Funding Rules here for further guidance.