Care UK – Placement opportunities

3 March, 2020

Care UK is proud to be able to offer their nursing staff, working within prisons, the opportunity to progress to the next step in their careers through their apprenticeship scheme.

As the leading independent provider of health services in prisons and youth offender establishments, Care UK offers all of the health services any community needs in one place and with a single team. They operate over 43 prison services where they work with all types of patients in all categories of prisons. Their nursing staff are integral to the successful delivery of quality patient care. Care UK is delighted to be working with The Open University to give their staff the opportunity to advance their careers via the Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship (TNA).

As part of the apprenticeship, it is essential that staff undergo a number of external placements within the healthcare industry in order to gain skills and knowledge in areas they may not have access to within their day to day prison setting. This includes places such as A&E, an acute hospital environment or a mental health setting.

If you can offer Care UK apprentices a short placement at your organisation, or are looking for placement opportunities within the prison setting for your apprentices, please get in touch with, National Apprenticeship Co-ordinator, to find out more about working with them. Care UK is keen to build partnerships with trusts and organisations who provide and manage the physical healthcare of deteriorating patients.