Career Starter Apprenticeship – Updates

23 August, 2023

The ‘Career Starter Apprenticeships’ campaign aims to explain existing apprenticeships to young people in a way they can understand and relate to. The intention is for more young people, and their parents, to actively consider apprenticeships when making career choices. Many apprenticeships are a great opportunity for those looking for their first role after leaving full-time education.

A third set of resources have been added to the Career Starter Apprenticeships campaign. This includes information about Dental Nurse apprenticeships, which includes some Dental Nurse case studies.

Cyber Security or Digital Support Technician and Horticulture or Landscaping has also been added.

You can also check out the information about healthcare apprenticeships and you can meet Amber, an apprentice at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

You can access further information on our Career Starter Apprenticeship section or here: