Clinical Coder Apprenticeship Announcement

21 November, 2019

Health Education England (HEE) are delighted to announce that Skills Training UK (STUK) have been confirmed as the National Training Provider for the L3 Clinical Coding Apprenticeship delivery across the NHS.

Working in partnership with the Trailblazer Chair & HEE, the first cohorts are being planned for April 2020 as the national curriculum will be updated then.

STUK are an established apprenticeship training provider with extensive experience of working in the NHS and will be working in partnership with Trusts nationally to subcontract their coding expertise. The 21 day standards course will be included as part of the apprenticeship and within the £5000 funding band.

This contract will be awarded via Salisbury Procurement Services and has been procured on behalf of all NHS Trusts nationally so individual procurement exercises will not be required.

This is a great example of joint procurement and an exciting step towards addressing the skills gap in this important profession.

Further information will be available on the programme via the 7 HEE Relationship Managers shortly who will be scoping numbers for regional cohorts.