Community Health & Wellbeing Worker – Call out for training providers

18 February, 2021

Public Health England (PHE) are working with a Trailblazer Group of employers to develop a Community Health & Wellbeing Worker apprenticeship standard at level 3. Community Health & Wellbeing Workers are a rapidly expanding workforce supporting the increasing emphasis on improving the health of local people and communities. They work in partnership with individuals and their communities to identify and address health and wellbeing needs, as well as inequalities.

More information is available on our GOV.UK collection: Apprenticeships that support public health careers.

As part of the development, the trailblazer group are collating training delivery quotes from 3 apprenticeship training providers. These quotes will inform the funding band that is allocated to the standard. The funding band is the maximum that can be used to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment of apprentices. They want to ensure that the trailblazer group have three supporting delivery quotes so that they are allocated a funding band that is sufficient to support high-quality training.

The trailblazer group are looking for any apprenticeship training providers who might be interested in delivering this standard, and would be able to support the development by putting together a training delivery quote. If your organisation is able to support this or have any contacts that might, please email by Monday 22nd February.

Please note: to submit a quote you will need to already be on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers as this is currently closed due to COVID-19.