Do you use the Senior Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship?

17 May, 2023

Do you use the L3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker (SHCSW) Apprenticeship?

At the time of the review of the Senior HCSW apprenticeship standard, funding bands were allocated using a system based on quotes submitted by training providers and end-point assessment organisations. Whilst the Senior HCSW standard comprises of 6 options, the apprenticeship is allocated a single funding band based on the lowest costed option. The funding band is currently set at a maximum of £5000.

A new model for allocating a funding band is now in place and we would like to understand if and how this new model could impact the funding band for this apprenticeship. We are therefore keen to hear from anyone that uses multiple pathway options in the standard. If you would be willing to give 20-30 minutes to have a call with one of the team, please email .

Please note that this would be an exploratory conversation only at this time.

The 6 options comprising the Senior HCSW apprenticeship are currently:

  • Adult Nursing Support
  • Maternity Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Children and Young People Support
  • Theatre Support
  • Allied Health Professions Therapy Support