Facilities and Estates – Learn more about the variety of roles available!

18 January, 2023

Facilities and Estates staff are responsible for the safe, secure and comfortable day-to-day working environment, ensuring that properties, assets and services are fully compliant with health and safety and other legislation.

Click on the below videos, learn more about each individual’s career:

Spencer Pelucci is a Maintenance Worker at Scarborough Hospital and is just about to complete a 4 year apprenticeship.

Roxanne Cushworth is a Maintenance Worker at Scarborough Hospital and is undertaking an apprenticeship.

Click on the below stories to learn more about job roles in Estates and Facilities

  • Amy Davidson, talks about her role as a Domestic Cleaner and about moving into a Medical Administration role.
  • Dean Webster talks about his role as a Print Services Manager
  • Elaine Dixon , Acting Domestic Services Manager, tells us more about her role.
  • Jason Wilsher is a Medical Engineering Manager, he tells us about his career.
  • Penny Gillyard, Director of Resources, tells us about her day and also speaks about the variety of roles available in Estates and Facilities
  • Sarah Goldsmith is an Estates Officer and tells us about her role.

You can access more guidance on our Facilities and Estates page.