Focus on Training Providers – Senior Leader

13 July, 2023

The Level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship standard has been approved for delivery since 27th February 2018.

Senior Leaders provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership and direction relating to their area of responsibility within an organisation. Typically, this involves setting, managing and monitoring achievement of core objectives that are aligned to the overall strategic objectives of their organisation’s Board (or equivalent). In a smaller organisation they are also likely to contribute to the execution and achievement of these strategic objectives. A Senior Leader influences at a higher organisational level, including sometimes at Board (or equivalent) level, and sets the culture and tone across their area of responsibility. They may work in varied environments including in an office, onsite, or remotely and demonstrate a high level of flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of the organisation.

There are currently 129 registered training providers for this standard.

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You can access the Level 7 Senior Leader apprenticeship standard here. 

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