Getting Ofsted ready – Webinars

8 April, 2021

HEE are planning a series of 4 webinars with an associated package of support to create a community of good practice for all HEIs delivering apprenticeships to the NHS and NHS Trusts on the RoATP.

With Ofsted now taking responsibility for quality inspections for all levels of apprenticeship delivery it is essential that HEIs are prepared, as a poor Ofsted outcome means a total ban on all new apprenticeship starts. The NHS have ambitious growth plans for all degree apprenticeships and we need to ensure high quality delivery is available nationally. The webinars will be chaired by Stewart Segal who has extensive apprenticeship delivery expertise with support from Kate Hill – HMI Ofsted and Lucy Hunte HEE.

Webinar Part 1 – Tuesday 4th May 11am – 12pm

Introduction to Ofsted inspections

  • The compliance framework
  • The types of inspection
  • The Ofsted inspection Framework
  • Q&A
Webinar Part 2 – Tuesday 11th May 11am – 12pm

Top 5 inspection issues

  • Induction and initial assessment
  • Prior learning
  • Embedding Off the Job training
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Subcontracting
  • Q&A
Webinar Part 3 – Tuesday 18th May 11am – 12pm

Developing an Action Plan

  • Self-Assessment Report
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Oversight and governance
  • Case Study from a HEI
  • Q&A
Webinar Part 4 – Tuesday 25th May 11am – 12pm

Delivering Apprenticeship Quality

  • Making it happen – delivering ongoing quality
  • Successful NHS Employer Partnerships
  • ESFA Audits – another form of inspection
  • Q&A

All webinars will be MS Teams Lives Event and you are invited to submit questions in advance. The sessions will be recorded so even if you can’t attend all dates please register and HEE will ensure you receive the recordings and all slides.

To register and to submit any questions please email: