Healthcare Science Level 2 and Level 4 Trailblazer seeks representatives

27 July, 2021

The Healthcare Science Trailblazer group is preparing to convene in September and is looking for employer representatives to join the group. The Level 2 Healthcare Science Assistant and the Level 4 Healthcare Science Associate apprenticeship standards are due to be re-drafted to fit the current IFATE templates and requirements. A sub-group will also be convened to consider End Point Assessment and costings. If you are from an employing organisation, end point assessment organisation or training provider and would like to join the group please complete this short survey. Places are limited and will be allocated to ensure a suitable spread of organisations and disciplines.  If you are not successful at this point, you will be able to have your say when the documents go out to public consultation.


        1. What does a Trailblazer group do?                                      

Write the apprenticeship standard, the assessment plan and develops costings that are submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE). Other stakeholders, like training providers and assessment organisations, will also join the Trailblazer employers to offer their expertise. Working with the relationship manager from IFATE, the project team will support the chairs and the Trailblazer group to develop and submit the necessary documents. Skills for Health is providing facilitation support to this Trailblazer.

2. How often does the Trailblazer meet?                                 

Meetings are held virtually at present and take place for a couple of hours a month.

3. What is my responsibility?                                                   

To bring your experience and opinion to the group and use it to edit and inform the apprenticeship standard.

4. Will I need to do anything between meetings?                 

Yes, after most meetings you will have some homework to do.  Most commonly this will be suggesting edits to the documents the group is working on but may also include sharing links to consultations with your networks and sharing job descriptions or examples of best practice from your own organisation.

5. How long does the development take?                                

The Trailblazer group will meet regularly for about 12 months whilst developing the apprenticeship standard. Once published sometimes there is a need to make revisions. In those cases the group will be reconvened for any tasks that are not able to be managed by chair’s actions alone.

6. Do I need to take on apprentices?                                       

Employer members of the group should join with the intention of taking on apprentices once the apprenticeship is available and/or have current apprentices.

7. Does the group plan implementation?                               

No, the Trailblazer group is not responsible for planning the implementation of apprenticeships. This is done locally by employers working with training providers and end point assessment organisations.