Healthcare Support Worker – Funding band update

4 April, 2019

The Department for Education asked the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education to continue reviewing the funding bands of a further 30 existing standards, you can view the related news item here.

The aim of the review is to ensure standards have the most appropriate funding band to support high quality delivery and provide value for money for employers and taxpayers, whilst also ensuring consistency in the way older and newer standards are funded.

The Trailblazer chairs for the Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship standard Kay Fawcett and Jane Hadfield are pleased to confirm that following the funding band review process with the Institute, the funding band recommendation is that it remains unchanged (Band 4, upper limit £3,000).

This recommendation will now go to the Secretary of State for Education, who takes the final decision on all funding bands.

Thank you to all employers and providers who helped with providing the information needed in this process.