Healthcare Support Worker – Trailblazer update

26 November, 2020

Following an initial survey in Summer 2020 in which we gathered early thoughts on the Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship standard, a refreshed employer group met on 23rd November. The group considered how it might take on board the recommendations from the survey and the opportunity to move towards a single apprenticeship standard for health and adult care at level 2.

The incumbent Chairs of the Healthcare Support Worker and Adult Care Worker Trailblazers have committed to working together to convene a Trailblazer group with a balance of representation and refreshed leadership from across health and adult care to take forward the creation of a single health and adult care apprenticeship standard at level 2. The group expects to meet again in the new year.

Jane Hadfield, incumbent co-chair said:

“We had a really positive first meeting of our potential new Trailblazer, and it was great to connect with employers both new to Trailblazing and more experienced. On first reception, the wider group is very positive about moving forward with a joint health and adult care apprenticeship standard at level 2. As with all Trailblazers we always follow employer interest and leadership and through ongoing partnership and support with our Institute colleagues, providers, and wider stakeholders, we feel very optimistic about creating something that works for employers, apprentices and service users.”