How HEE are supporting widening participation

26 September, 2017

Health Education England is passionate about and has a commitment to widening participation in apprenticeships. Having recently become a member of the nationwide, multi-sector Apprentice Diversity Champions’ Network, HEE is helping to drive positive change throughout the NHS so that apprenticeships are seen as opportunities for all sections of the community, particularly underrepresented or disadvantaged groups. We know that having diversity in our workforce and our apprentices ultimately means greater quality of patient care as well as helping individuals achieve their potential.

Among other activity, the NHS and HEE are delivering programmes to improve access for those with learning difficulties or disabilities. This includes supported internships and now leading the way as a pacesetter for supported apprenticeships, enabling those with particular needs to gain sustainable employment and delivering benefits to employers who are now able to access a wider talent pool.

Last year, HEE ran a national campaign to promote the NHS as an employer of choice for apprenticeships. As part of this, a suite of resources were developed to help employers promote their apprenticeship vacancies as part of a wider NHS brand; these resources are all available for free here, if you do not already have a password please contact

For more information about the national programme of work supporting widening participation in apprenticeships, please contact

Catriona Curry – National Programme Manager, Talent for Care