ICS Invitation to Bid for T Level Grant Funding

16 March, 2023

From Monday 13th March 2023, every ICS (Integrated Care System ) in England, has been invited to offer a bid for provision of grant funding by the Department for Education. The grant intends to award one NHS Integrated Care System per England region (7) the funds to employ a T Level Industry Placement Co-Ordinator at Band 7 to work on T Levels and industry placements across their ICS. Funding is available to support these posts for up to 22 months; from June 2023 until March 2025.

T Levels are technical qualifications for 16–19-year-olds. Every T Level student needs an industry placement with an employer that lasts a minimum of 315 hours to complete their course. Awareness and understanding of T Levels and industry placements has grown considerably across the NHS since the launch of T Levels in 2020, specifically the Health, Healthcare Science and Science qualifications. However, engagement with employers has shown a need for a system-led approach to T Levels, as well as support with the resource demands of setting up industry placements. This pilot project will begin to meet these needs, whilst providing a substantial evidence base for further potential support as T Levels scale up.

Each ICS will receive an Invitation to Bid from the Department for Education through NHS Employers, including all relevant details and instructions. Bids must be returned by 17.00 on Friday 21st April. A series of complimentary T Level engagement events and resources open to all ICSs, in partnership with The Gatsby Foundation, will be organised over the coming months.

If you recognise this as an exciting opportunity for the ICS your Trust is a member of, please encourage a bid to be completed with sign off from your Integrated Care Board. If you or colleagues have any questions about this grant fund, please feel welcome to get in touch with lauren.hutchinson@education.co.uk.