IfATE Degree Apprenticeship Consultation

13 January, 2022

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) has published a report on the responses to its degree apprenticeship consultation. This consultation was held for 9 weeks until 16th September 2021.

IfATE has set out 5 proposed changes to Degree Apprenticeships:

  1. More opportunities for degrees to be included in level 6 and 7 apprenticeships.
  2. Further integration of on and off the job training, which is a key principle of all apprenticeships.
  3. Alignment of all degrees within apprenticeships with ‘occupational standards’ – the employer-defined knowledge, skills and behaviours that must be learned to prove occupational competency – to avoid existing degrees being re-badged as apprenticeships.
  4. Integration of degree apprenticeship End-Point assessment (EPA) with the final assessment of degrees. This means that one assessment will cover the apprenticeship’s content, be central to the degree and, where professional bodies agree, secure professional recognition too.
  5. All integrated degree apprenticeship EPAs having to include assessment by trained individuals with appropriate occupational and industry expertise.

The consultation recorded the responses to these proposed changes. 208 individuals responded and a majority of these individuals were in favour of the proposed changes.

You can read more details on the response to the IfATE consultation here.

The next steps for IfATE will be to:

  1. still allow submissions of new proposals and revised occupational standards based on the new policy from the 16 March 2022 submission date as originally envisaged, but:
  2. not require all submissions relating to degree apprenticeships to meet the new policy until the 7 September 2022 submission date.

You can find our further information here.

You can access the Degree Apprenticeship consultation document here.