IfATE – Occupational Maps

10 May, 2023

UpdateThe occupational maps on the IfATE (Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education) website show the relationships that exist between education, qualifications, apprenticeships and occupations in England.

IfATE released a new version of these occupational maps recently. These maps let you explore for an occupation by name, standard code, technical education product, job title or keyword.

As an employer these maps will enable you to:

  • Explore occupations in your industry and beyond – View over 1050 different occupations on the maps, at all different levels.
  • Recruit, or develop staff skills – Support staff career progression, recruitment and succession planning.
  • Identify green careers within your business area  – Find green occupations using our green careers maps.

You can access the Occupational Maps here. Explore the different occupational routes to see what apprenticeships are available in each area.