Introducing the Healthcare Cleaning Operative Apprenticeship

26 February, 2020

Creating a highly skilled and professional health care cleaning workforce

This month the new Healthcare Cleaning Operative Apprenticeship standard was approved for delivery. This exciting new apprenticeship has been designed specifically for health care environments and provides a regulated qualification for cleaning professionals within the health care sector.

The benefits of an apprenticeship tailored exactly to the needs of health care establishments is clear when dealing with infection prevention within health and care settings. The apprenticeship programme will encourage the use of the most up-to-date technology and help maintain the highest standards of cleanliness possible.

“This apprenticeship programme has great potential and will be the foundation block for further development in the health care cleaning arena. The opportunity to develop world class health care cleaning service leaders and at the same time address succession planning is truly exciting. Along with the advancements we are seeing in technology today this regulated qualification will contribute to raising the profile of our healthcare cleaning workforce and beyond.”
Delia Cannings representing the Association of Healthcare Cleaning professionals

Apprentices will gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours to undertake routine and non-routine cleaning, decontamination, and rapid response cleaning. They will also gain the essential knowledge of national standards, policies and guidelines, environmental awareness, classification of soil as well as infection prevention.

Together with the new healthcare cleaning standards, this Apprenticeship will provide a solid foundation for a highly skilled and professional health care cleaning workforce for years to come.

Find out more about this new apprenticeship here.