Learning and Work Institute – Getting the Basics right.

2 December, 2021

Having a sound base of basic skills, including literacy, numeracy, ESOL and digital skills, is key to enabling people to progress on to further learning.

“9 million working-aged adults in England have low basic skills in literacy or numeracy, including 5 million who have low skills in both.”

The Learning and Work Institute have produced a report, Getting the basics right. The case for action on adult basic skills. This report outlines key findings on what works for improving adult basic skills learning and provision.

  • There are positive relationships between most measures of economic and employment success and increased levels of basic skills.
  • Basic skills learning results in a range of positive personal and social outcomes
  • Adult basic skills enable learners to progress onto further courses.
  • Across England 9 million working-age adults have low literacy or numeracy and 5 million have low skills in both.
  • England is 15th out of 31 OECD countries in literacy skills and 19th in numeracy skills.
  • Over the last decade, participation in adult basic learning in England has fallen significantly.
  • The Adult Education Budget in 2019-20 was approximately half the size (52 per cent smaller) of the budget in 2011-12.
  • There are key measures which can drive up adults’ participation in basic skills learning.

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