Library Services Assistant – First NHS apprentice recruited

12 December, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the North Bristol NHS Trust has recruited the very first Library, Information & Archive Services Assistant in the NHS.

North Bristol NHS Trust is proud to offer apprenticeships to around 400 of our employees. Apprenticeships are offered across both clinical and non-clinical areas. The library apprenticeship standard is being used to bring a new employee into the Trust and deliver a comprehensive development pathway. 

John Loy who is the Library & Knowledge Services Manager at the North Bristol NHS Trust said:

“It is recognised nationally that the library workforce is an ageing one, and so bringing people into the profession at the beginning of their career is an exciting place to be. We are delighted to welcome Shakira to North Bristol NHS Trust as the very first library, information & archive apprentice in the NHS; I must say we hadn’t realised we were such trailblazers. I know there is a lot of interest among colleagues to be recruiting into NHS libraries using the standard, so I’m sure Shakira will be the first of many.”


Shakira Rawlins (pictured left) on starting her new journey:

“Working in a library has always been a dream of mine, and this was the perfect opportunity to gain professional experience alongside educational attainment. Having an apprenticeship within the NHS Library Service allows me to make a positive contribution to the development of staff here at Southmead Hospital and the NHS as a whole.”