Literacy Webinars – Book your place

17 June, 2020

HEE and the National Literacy Trust are delighted to announce a series of webinars regarding Speaking and Listening, Writing and Reading skills, which are to be led and run by the National Literacy Trust. These webinars are aimed at both NHS and Social Care leads, and will be run via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to sign upto these webinars, please email and specify which dates you would like to attend, and relevant invites will be sent on.

The same webinar will be run over the course of three separate dates, so if you cannot make one date you have the option to attend a separate one (ie. if you attend the 8th July webinar on Speaking and Listening, you won’t then need to sign up to the 21st August and 16th September dates).

Literacy webinar – Speaking and listening
Wednesday 8th July – 10am – 12pm
Friday 21st August – 15pm – 17pm
Wednesday 16th September – 15pm – 17pm

Literacy webinar – Writing
Friday 10th July – 13pm – 15pm
Tuesday 4th August – 10am – 12pm
Tuesday 22nd September – 13pm – 15pm

Literacy webinar – Reading
Tuesday 14th July – 15pm – 17pm
Wednesday 12th August – 13pm – 15pm
Friday 11th September – 10am – 12pm

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch via