Long Term Workforce Plan Hub – New to HASO!

5 February, 2024

Long Term Workforce Plan Hub – New to HASO!The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan was published in June 2023. This Plan sets out an expansion in training, changes to ways of working, and improvements to culture that will increase the NHS permanent workforce over 15 years.

To help employers with the implementation of this plan and as part of our ongoing improvements to HASO, we have launched the Long Term Workforce Plan Hub.  

Visit the hub and get the guidance that you need. Creating strong feeder pipelines into apprenticeships is a key element of the Long-Term Workforce Plan. Visit our Pre-Apprenticeship & other programmes section to learn more about creating a pipeline.

To learn more about organisational strategy, access our principles for developing an apprenticeship strategy.

Our recruitment section has wide range of guidance to support you to take on apprentices.

Guidance on Apprenticeship Funding and Quality and Procurement can now be found in the hub, so you can access guidance all in one place.

Visit the Resources and Data section and access the wide range of guidance there. There is a variety of guidance to help you support your apprentice including around Care Experienced Apprenticeship Recruitment and how to ensure that your apprenticeships are accessible. You can also access the Association of Apprentices (AoA) Partner Toolkit there.

You can access the Long Term Workforce Plan Hub here.

Access the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan here