Mammography Associate Apprentices Reach 100 across England

31 May, 2023

The Level 4 Mammography Associate apprenticeship standard was approved for delivery on 22nd August 2018 and the first graduates completed in May 2022.

The drive to boost the breast imaging workforce and address national shortages has reached another important milestone with 100 Mammography Associates qualifying through an apprenticeship.

The Mammography Associates are adding much-needed extra clinical capacity to breast units and screening centres across England, improving access to breast screening and diagnostic services.

The level 4 apprenticeship was developed by the Mammography Associate Trailblazer Group, comprising NHS and academic experts, the Society and College of Radiographers and Public Health England, led by Lyndsay Kinnear, National Breast Imaging Academy (NBIA) Radiographic Lead and Chair of the NBIA Radiography Working Group.

Lyndsay Kinnear said:

“Reaching this milestone, and with a further 70 plus Mammography Associates currently in training, shows how employers are embracing the role.

“The apprenticeship provides standardised training and assessment so breast units and screening services can be confident that Mammography Associates completing the apprenticeship have the competencies needed to add real value to their service.”

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You can access the Level 4 Mammography Associate apprenticeship standard here.