Maths Anxiety Trust

30 May, 2024

What is Maths Anxiety?

Maths Anxiety is defined as a negative emotional reaction to mathematics, leading to varying degrees of helplessness, panic and mental disorganisation that arises among some people when faced with a mathematical problem.

The Maths Anxiety Trust is a division of The Learning Skills Research Foundation. It is an independent, not for profit organisation with no political affiliations, whose target is to eliminate Maths Anxiety in Britain. The Trust has 4 aims:

  • To define and explain Maths Anxiety and alert people to its existence.
  • To enable people with Maths Anxiety to achieve their potential in education, working with parents and teachers.
  • To enable people with Maths Anxiety to achieve their potential in the workplace.
  • To help prevent poverty and increase social mobility with the confidence that comes from knowledge of and ease with everyday maths.

Visit the Maths Anxiety Trust page and resources here.

Shirley Conran OBE,  Hon Fellow UCL, formed The Maths Anxiety Trust in 2018 to ask questions, get answers and press for action.  Shirley was the best-selling author of many books including “Superwoman”and “Lace”.  She was the former woman’s editor on The Observer and the Daily Mail; Founder of The Work Life Balance Trust.  She has been a maths researcher and writer since 2004; Founder of Maths Action 2009.

Dame Shirley Conran

1932 – 2024